Duy Hai DOAN
Cassandra Technical Evangelist @ Datastax

LinkedIn profile : http://fr.linkedin.com/pub/duyhai-doan/2/224/848

Working for a while on Java technologies, I’ve encountered many technical issues in the past and most of the time, some random blogs found on the Web saved my day.

Knowledge sharing is a value in which I believe, thus this blog, one among thousands ones, is my own contribution to carry on this spirit.


  1. admin

    Hi Duy,

    I have seen your articles/ problem. I like the way you concise things. Please let us know if you are interested in writting some good article on Java.


  2. admin

    wrong mail was added in previous comment so ading this one. sorry for mistake.

  3. Nam

    Hi Hai,

    I found your blog really helpful, your excellent background and writing skills impressed me. Are you interested in writing for a website in the same niche?


    1. DuyHai DOAN

      Thank you for your interest Nam but I’m afraid I do not have enough time to write regular articles because I’m on an open source project now

  4. JBT

    Hi Doan,

    Long time no see. Where are you busy these days and which open project are you involved in?

    1. DuyHai DOAN

      Hello JBT

      I’m currently developping actively Achilles, an object mapper for Cassandra (achilles.archinnov.info). Sorry not to have enough time to write new articles. I’ll come back in the next months for new articles on Cassandra

  5. waytofall

    Hi DOAN,
    I see your answer at http://stackoverflow.com/questions/880746/what-happens-if-i-forget-to-mark-the-spring-sessionstatus-as-complete/9331400#9331400, your post is quite similar to what I’ve read from the source code recently. There’s always been discussion about whether we should use @SessionAttributes as attributes that stored in session and there’s been no settle down yet. I’m considering to replace the DefaultSessionAttributeStore implementation of some class of my own, and I’ve known from the source code that in my 3.2.5 springl lib, it’s SessionAttributesHandler which possess a SessionAttributeStore interface reference and invoke the session store function. My question is how to replace that by DI? The SessionAttributesHandler holds a final private sessionAttributeStore reference and can only be set by the constructor:

    private final SessionAttributeStore sessionAttributeStore;

    * Create a new instance for a controller type. Session attribute names and
    * types are extracted from the {@code @SessionAttributes} annotation, if
    * present, on the given type.
    * @param handlerType the controller type
    * @param sessionAttributeStore used for session access
    public SessionAttributesHandler(Class handlerType, SessionAttributeStore sessionAttributeStore) {


    Is all the components of spring mvc managed in the spring DI container? How to inject my own SessionAttributeStore impementation? I’m new to spring, and it’s interesting question.

  6. Madheswaran

    Hi Duyhai,
    I am working to integrate Cassandra with Solr, Not able to use UDT of Cassandra on SOLR indexing because Cassandra JDBC not supports UDT. Please can you give me some work around to achieve the result ( UDT indexing in SOLR)

    1. DuyHai DOAN

      Hello Madheswaran, please drop me an email at duy_hai(dot)doan(at)datastax(dot)com for your issue


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